On this page you will find a list of useful points of contact for the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC). 

DESC Management Team

  • Spokesperson: Phil Marshall (SLAC)
  • Deputy Spokesperson: Eric Gawiser (Rutgers) 
  • Analysis Coordinator: Rachel Mandelbaum (CMU) 
    • Deputy Analysis Coordinator: Renee Hlozek (Toronto)
  • Computing and Simulations Coordinator: Katrin Heitmann (ANL) 
  • Technical Coordinator: Pierre Antilogus (IN2P3 LPNHE)
  • Operations Manager: Richard Dubois (SLAC)
    • Deputy Operations Managers: Seth Digel, Anders Borgland (SLAC)

Spokesperson team emerita: Rachel Bean (Cornell), Jeff Newman (Pitt, deputy), Bhuvnesh Jain (U. Pennsylvania), Steve Kahn (SLAC), Gregory Dubois-Felsmann (IPAC, deputy) 

DESC Advisory Board

  • Rachel Bean (Cornell)
  • Dominique Boutigny (CCIN2P3/CNRS)
  • Klaus Honscheid (OSU)
  • Jason Rhodes (JPL)
  • Chris Stubbs (Harvard)

DESC Analysis Working Groups

Coordinator: Rachel Mandelbaum (CMU) 

DESC Computing and Simulations Working Groups

Coordinator: Katrin Heitmann (ANL)

DESC Technical Working Groups

Coordinator: Pierre Antilogus (IN2P3 LPNHE)

2017-2019 DESC Task Forces

  • Commissioning: Chris Walter (Duke)
  • Observing Strategy: Michelle Lochner (AIMS South Africa, UCL), Dan Scolnic (Duke)
  • DM DC2: Johann Cohen-Tanugi (LUPM), Heather Kelly (SLAC)
  • Data Access: Dominique Boutigny (CC-IN2P3), Michael Wood-Vasey (Pittsburgh)
  • Blending: Patricia Burchat (Stanford), David Kirkby (UC Irvine)
  • Follow-up: Jeff Newman (Pittsburgh), Mark Sullivan (Southampton)
  • PSF: Pierre-Francois Leget (Stanford), Josh Meyers (LLNL)

Operations Committee

  • Chair: Richard Dubois (SLAC)
  • UK representative: Benjamin Joachimi (UCL)
  • France representative: Emmanuel Gangler (LPC)
  • US universities representative: Andy Connolly (UW)
  • US universities representative: Jeff Newman (Pittsburgh)
  • US national lab representative: Peter Nugent (LBNL)
  • Ex officio: Pierre Antilogus, Eric Gawiser, Katrin Heitmann, Rachel Mandelbaum 
    • Observing: Anders Borgland, Seth Digel, Phil Marshall

International Resources Committee

  • Chair: David MacFarlane (SLAC)
  • DOE: Kathy Turner
  • IN2P3: Berrie Giebels
  • STFC: Chris Woolford

LSST Project Liaisons

  • LSST Director: Steven Kahn (SLAC/Stanford/LSST) 
  • LSST Chief Scientist: Tony Tyson (U.C. Davis) 
  • LSST Camera Liaison: Steve Ritz (U.C. Santa Cruz) 
  • LSST DM Liaisons: Leanne Guy (LSST), Robert Lupton (Princeton), Wil O'Mullane (LSST)
  • LSST Simulations Liaison: Andy Connolly (UW)
  • LSST Observing Strategy Liaison: Zeljko Ivezic (UW)
  • LSST Commissioning Liaison: Chuck Claver (LSST)

Other Project Liaisons

  • DES: Jim Annis (Fermilab)
  • DESI: Natalie Roe (LBL)
  • Euclid: Jason Rhodes (JPL)
  • HSC: Michael Strauss (Princeton)
  • WFIRST: Jason Rhodes (JPL)
  • SSSI: Jeff Newman (Pittsburgh)

External Resources Liaisons

  • Computing at ANL: Salman Habib (ANL)
  • Computing at NERSC: Debbie Bard (LBL), Peter Nugent (LBL)
  • PhoSim: John Peterson (Purdue)

DESC Collaboration Council (CC)

Council members are elected for 2-year terms, with ten new members elected each year. Their current year is given in parentheses after their institution. The CC elects its own chair, each year.

  • Chair: Yao-Yuan Mao (Pittsburgh, 2)
  • David Alonso (Oxford, 2)
  • Eric Aubourg (APC, 1)
  • Camille Avestruz (Chicago, 1)
  • Humna Awan (Rutgers, 2)
  • Keith Bechtol (Wisconsin, 1)
  • Jonathan Blazek (EPFL, 1)
  • Ian Dell'Antonio (Brown, 1)
  • Seth Digel (SLAC, 2)
  • Renee Hlozek (Toronto, 2)
  • Emille Ishida (LPC, 1)
  • Danielle Leonard (CMU, 2)
  • Alex Malz (NYU, 1)
  • Jeff Newman (Pittsburgh, 2)
  • Andrei Nomerotski (BNL, 2)
  • Paul O’Connor (BNL, 1)
  • Hiranya Peiris (UCL/Stockholm, 2)
  • Kara Ponder (Berkeley, 1)
  • Anja von der Linden (Stony Brook, 1)
  • Chris Walter (Duke, 2)


  • Jo Dunkley (Princeton)
  • Saurabh Jha (Rutgers)

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Alina Kiessling (JPL)
  • Celine Combet (LPSC)
  • Renee Hlozek (Toronto)
  • Mustapha Ishak (UT Dallas)
  • Alex Malz (NYU)
  • Jason McEwen (UCL)
  • Matthew Wiesner (Benedictine)
  • Hu Zhan (NAOC)

Publication Board

  • Seth Digel (SLAC, Manager)
  • Hiranya Peiris (UCL)
  • David Kirkby (UC Irvine)
  • Phil Marshall (SLAC)
  • Piere Astier (CNRS)
  • Adam Mantz (Stanford)
  • Michael Wood-Vasey (Pittsburgh)
  • Rachel Mandelbaum (CMU, ex-officio)

Junior DESC Organization

  • Tina Peters (Toronto)
  • Humna Awan (Rutgers)

Meetings Committee

  • Chair: Alex Kim (LBNL)
  • Pat Burchat (DE SChool, Stanford)
  • Yao-Yuan Mao (Hacking/Sprinting, Pittsburgh)
  • Sukhdeep Singh (JuDO, UC Berkeley)
  • Pierre Antilogus (Mgmt, LPNHE)
  • Phil Marshall (Spokesperson, SLAC)
  • Anders Borgland, Seth Digel, Richard Dubois, Heather Shaughnessy (SLAC)

Operations Staff

The DESC Pipeline Scientists (PS) and Computing Infrastructure personnel (CI) are committed to development of the collaboration's mission-critical software and datasets.

  • Bob Armstrong (LLNL)
  • Matt Becker (PS)
  • Jim Chiang (CI, PS)
  • Dominique Fouchez (PS)
  • Tom Glanzman (CI)
  • Philippe Gris (PS)
  • Charlotte Hee (CI)
  • Mike Jarvis (PS)
  • Heather Kelly (CI, PS)
  • James Perry (CI)
  • Eli Rykoff (PS)
  • Sam Schmidt (PS)
  • Erin Sheldon (PS)
  • Mike Wang (CI)
  • Joe Zuntz (CI)

Development Team Leads

The LSST DESC is building a number of software tools for use in its data simulation, processing and analysis pipelines. Public releases of key packages are listed below, with their development team leaders as points of contact.

  • Core Cosmology Library (CCL): Elisa Chisari (Oxford), GitHub, docs, paper
  • CosmoDC2 (extragalactic catalog generation): Andrew Hearin (ANL)
  • ImSim (LSST image simulation): Chris Walter (Duke)
  • DESCQA (automated catalog validation): Yao-Yuan Mao (Pittsburgh), GitHub, paper
  • TXPipe (3x2pt WL+LSS analysis pipeline): Joe Zuntz (Edinburgh)
  • PZPDF (photometric redshift analysis): Sam Schmidt (UC Davis)


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