Computing Infrastrucure

The tasks and simulations identified by the DESC as high-priority will require some level of computing support. The aim of the Computing Infrastructure Working Group is to identify those needs and support the work of the collaboration as we move from construction into data-taking with the LSST. There are three main areas where infrastructure support will be needed:

Bulk Simulations

  • CPU and storage
  • Usability of simulations (source models, parameters, custom physics studies)
  • Workflow and data access tools
  • Potential modifications to PhoSim

Real Data

  • Access to data hosted by the LSST Project
  • Ability to modify Project data processing pipeline
  • Possible reprocessing of data and access to reprocessed data. 
  • Access to test data to facilitate systematic studies
  • Access to/use of precursor survey data


  • Cycles for user analysis - remote, local, MPI, pleasingly parallel
  • Code development environment: repositories, build system etc.
  • Software framework (e.g. visualisation, role of Data Challenges, code framework etc.)

Convenors: Richard Dubois (SLAC) [richard at slac dot stanford dot edu], Scott Dodelson (FNAL) [dodelson at fnal dot gov].

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